COVID-19 Vaccine Q & A

Is Southdale Pediatrics offering COVID vaccine for patients?

Yes. We are offering COVID vaccines (Moderna products) at provider visits. We are currently unable to do other family members (including parents) at these visits.

We encourage to check with your health plan to verify coverage for COVID vaccinations.

Does my child need a booster?

If this your child’s first COVID vaccine, it is given in a 2-dose series, at least 4 weeks apart.

I can’t find an appointment at Southdale Peds for a COVID vaccine/booster – what should I do? 

Try checking these websites for local vaccine availability.


My child tested positive for COVID-19 – When can they be vaccinated?

Children who have had COVID infection in the past can receive their COVID vaccine if they are 30 days past their positive test results or the start of their symptoms.

My child has an illness  – When can they be vaccinated?

If a child has a negative COVID test, they can receive their vaccine once they are feeling well.

Do your physicians recommend COVID-19 vaccines for children?

Southdale Ped’s physician viewpoint on the COVID vaccine for children


Updated 11/2023