COVID-19 Vaccine

Yesterday, the CDC approved a booster dose of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine for children ages 5-11.This can be given as long as a child is 5 months after their second dose. We encourage our patients to receive these booster vaccines when eligible as COVID cases continue to rise in our community.

Children who have turned 12 since their second dose should receive the 12+ dosage (0.3 mg). For those who have had recent COVID infection, the booster dose can be given 10 days after positive test or onset of symptoms (whichever is earlier).

We will be partnering with Cub Foods pharmacists to administer COVID vaccine to our patients ages 5-11 starting again in early June. These clinics will be for those needing first, second, or booster doses. Appointments will be available late May through our patient portal. We will be unable to administer vaccine to those ages 12+ during these clinics.

Families are encouraged to explore other pharmacies if they would like to get their children vaccinated sooner, or at a different time. Check these websites for local vaccine availability: