My child is COVID positive, now what?

My child has tested positive for COVID. What next?

Children who have a positive test for COVID are consider contagious for 10 days from the day of their first symptoms OR the date of their positive test (if they are asymptomatic). A positive at home test does not need to be repeated with a PCR test in our clinic.

During this 10 day period, your child should not attend school or any other activities outside of your household. Treatment of COVID in children is about making them feel comfortable and treating any symptoms they have. This includes Tylenol or ibuprofen for a fever, headache or body aches. Encourage lots of fluids and rest. If your child has a high risk medical condition that may place them at higher risk for a serious case, please contact our clinic via our phone or portal for advice about any other addition treatment that might be indicated.

Please let your child’s school or daycare of a positive COVID result. This can help to inform close contacts and other families if they need to monitor for symptoms or be tested.

A family member is positive for COVID. What are the next steps for my child?

The Minnesota Department of Health recommends that all close contacts are tested about 5 days after exposure to a positive person. If your child is vaccinated, they can still attend school and other activities. Children who are not fully vaccinated against COVID need to remain out of school/activities for 10-14 days after last exposure to the positive person. Many schools will allow children to return to school after 10 days as long as they have a negative COVID PCR test at 5-7 days after exposure. The best test for your asymptomatic child is a PCR test. At-home tests are usually not sensitive enough to pick up the virus in people who don’t have symptoms.