Sending kids back to school safely

As summer winds down and we are all hearing more about our school districts’ plans, many parents wonder about the child’s safety as they head back to school this fall. The American Academy of Pediatrics believe that children learn best in school, but returning to school in person means making sure that steps are being taken to keep children and educators safe.

Our colleagues at Children’s MN have a great resource that addresses many of the questions our families have and gives some good advice about getting your child ready to head back.

Along with practicing social distancing and hand washing, we believe that wearing a cloth face mask is one of the best ways to protect yourself and others from COVID. Mask exemptions should be rare and for that reason, Southdale Pediatrics will not be writing any notes for mask exemptions. Children less than age 2, those who with intellectual or developmental disabilities, or those who are physically unable to remove their mask do not need to a mask. Children with chronic medical conditions are at higher risk for COVID-related complications so wearing a mask is especially important for these children. Our local pediatric pulmonologists at Children’s Respiratory and Critical Care share some great advice on masking on their website.