ADHD Awareness Month

October is ADHD awareness month. We aim to provide families with the best care for their child who has been diagnosed with ADHD or is exhibiting symptoms of ADHD.

When a child has difficulty with paying attention, being overly active, or acting without thinking, there is not a single test to find out if it is ADHDExperts recommend a thorough evaluation using information from the child, parents, teachers, and other adults who know the child well. Primary care providers evaluate and diagnose ADHD based on the best available evidence which usually include these steps:

  • Rule out any other possible conditions that can cause similar symptoms.
  • Screen for other conditions that might coexist with ADHD, including

Not Just ADHD? Helping Children with Multiple Concerns | CDC

Ask your pediatrician if you are concerned about your child’s symptoms or if you have concerns about their diagnosis and treatment plan. We have assessment tools in our clinic, and have a large pool of psychologists/therapists/mental health centers that we work with to help figure out the best plan for your child.