Flu Clinic

Receiving the influenza vaccine is the best protection against the flu. Southdale Pediatrics wants to help make it easy to get your family immunized.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends everyone 6 months of age and older get the flu shot. Children under 9 years of age being vaccinated for influenza for the first time require two doses of the vaccine at least 4 weeks apart. If a child under 9 years of age did not receive at least two prior doses of seasonal flu (before this season) in their lifetime, then two doses of flu vaccine will be required this season. Anyone 9 years of age or older only require one dose of the flu vaccine. Flu vaccine is not approved for children under 6 months of age.

Please note: Southdale Pediatrics will not be offering intranasal (FluMist) vaccine this season

How to Get Your Flu Shot


Contact your primary clinic to schedule a flu shot appointment.


Patients who are being seen for an appointment with a doctor or nurse practitioner may receive the flu vaccine at that appointment if their clinical condition permits.


  • If you have registered in the past or receive vaccines at Southdale Peds, you do not need to re-register
  • If this is your first time receiving the flu vaccine at Southdale Peds, please call 952-278-6940 to register
  • Southdale Pediatrics offers flu vaccine to parents and siblings accompanying a patient during a scheduled appointment, or at a walk-in clinic
  • To verify if this is covered by insurance, please contact member services of your insurance provider for all family members

Save time and print your consent in advance

*A consent is required for each patient receiving the shot