Southdale Pediatrics offers telehealth visits to allow for your child to receive care outside of our office.

Please call our office if you are interested in a telehealth visit for your child. One of our experienced nurses can help determine which type of visit is best for your child.

If your child is scheduled for a telehealth visit, you will be given instructions about how to access your physician through our telehealth platform. You will receive an email with these directions as well. If your child is being seen for a mental health visit, please fill out the PHQ-9 and GAD-7 linked below prior to their visit.

5-10 minutes prior to your child’s telehealth visit, please click on the link you received in your email to access your doctor’s waiting room. Your child’s pediatrician will join you via video link at your appointment time. Your child must be present at the time of the virtual visit. 

Please make sure that your computer’s phone and microphone are active prior to the telehealth visit. Parents should join their child for their visit, unless the patient is 18 years of age or older. Please have your phone handy in case that we have trouble with our video connection!

We may ask for your child’s weight so if you have a scale at home, this would be a useful piece of information to have. Please have a flashlight handy (not one from a phone that may be used for the telehealth visit) as this can help look in little mouths.

While we love to see children in their home environment and are happy to have them share things with us via video link, please try to limit distractions to help create an efficient visit.

Visits will be billed similar to office visits per your insurance plan. Copays and coinsurance will apply. Patients must be in the state of Minnesota at the time of their visit due to insurance regulations. 

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